trailer spindle replacement Sarnia
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trailer spindle replacement Sarnia
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Specialist in on-site, spindle taper grinding for repair and restoration of precision
Gunn Machine & Tool Company

Trailer Spindle Replacement in Sarnia, MI

Gunn Machine & Tool Company is a family owned and operated business. Owner Russell Gunn has over 35 years machining experience, much of that dedicated to building special machinery and parts, including universal tool grinder tools . He is a senior member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Contact him for trailer spindle replacement in Sarnia, MI.

He has been called upon for his expertise by educators and professionals in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel and India.

Gunn Machine & Tool Company has served large companies such as General Electric, Ford Motor Co., General Motors, and Caterpillar to only name a few. We have also served companies that are owned and operated by a single person, working out of their garage. The cost efficiency and precision results of our service, fits all types of manufacturing and service companies.

Operating out of Michigan , travel is no problem for us. Our equipment was designed to be portable and can be checked in with normal baggage on commercial airlines. Our services have been used by machine manufacturers, in warranty issues.

We work together with many machine repair and spindle repair shops throughout North America.

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