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Specialist in on-site, spindle taper grinding for repair and restoration of precision



Gunn Machine & Tool Co. has designed a spindle taper insert, to repair machine spindles, such as, in large horizontal boring mills, when damage is more severe and cannot be repaired by grinding alone.

Inserts can be made for drawbolt or pull stud type retention systems.

The insert is repairable and replaceable should damage occur in the future.

Inserts may also be used in spindle conversions, to change form older style morse tapers to CAT style tooling. We also offer CNC repair & CNC machine repair.

1)  Travel to customer's plant to inspect spindle and see if it is a good

      candidate for this type of repair.

2)  Dimensions of spindle are taken, to custom manufacture the insert.

3)  Dimensions are used to design the insert and make set of prints for


4)  Insert is manufactured at our facility.

5)  We travel back to customer's plant for installation.

6)  On-site, we machine your spindle, in-place, to accept new


7)  Install the insert.

8)  Finish grind inserts taper seat, in-place.

9)  Test cuts are made with machine.

valve grinding machine
This insert has been in service for over 8 years